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Going Beyond the Cow: Beyond Meat’s New Commercial Asks Us to Rethink the Way We Eat

Could a burger made of plants really be better for us, for the animals, and for the planet? Beyond Meat’s answer: Absolutely.

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Dog for Dinner: Blasphemy or Hypocrisy?

How can individuals care about some animals and, at the same time, eat others? Human culture, rather than animals’ inherent moral worth, too often dictates which species are “okay” to eat.

How to Fact-Check and Verify Sources for Animal Rights Reporting

In the second installment of Sentient Sessions, Christopher Sebastian explains the importance of fact-checking and lays out the tools you’ll need to master it.

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Leather: Cruel, Not Cool

Leather production poses a triple threat—it inflicts unimaginable cruelty on animals, harms and kills tannery workers, and destroys vital ecosystems.

The Power of the Pitch: Top Journalists and Editors Discuss How to Craft the Perfect Pitch

Watch the first installment of our new speaker series, Sentient Sessions, for tips and tricks on rising to the top of your editor’s inbox.

The Animals We Often Overlook

In our news coverage, we often focus our attention on the welfare of companion animals and traditional farmed animals like cows, pigs, and chickens, but millions of other animals need a voice, too.

Sentient Sessions: New Speaker Series

Monthly speaker series bringing together journalists, investigators, and experts to explore how to report on the issues that matter to all of us: the treatment of all sentient beings and the health of our planet.

Peter Singer Animal Liberation
Pandemics, Liberation, and Animal Ag: An Interview With Peter Singer

Philosopher Peter Singer has been highly influential in shaping the ethical foundation for animal protection, in addition to his long career in ethics, especially utilitarianism.

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Marketing Masculinity: The Meat of the Matter

The connection between meat consumption and masculinity is not new. What is new is the increasing influence of prominent vegan men who speak up about the benefits of their diets.

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Zoo Animals Are Always on Lockdown

Stories about lonely zoo animals missing their human “friends” may bring levity during this time of crisis—but they ignore the plight of the animals held permanently captive.