tiger king cage
Tiger King Emphasizes Link Between Human Violence and Animal Cruelty

The dark undertones of the Netflix docuseries highlight the need for laws that protect animals from humans with violent tendencies.

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Daughter of Cambodian Genocide Survivor Reflects on Animal Rights

A second-generation Cambodian genocide survivor draws parallels between her mother’s experiences under the Khmer Rouge regime and the modern-day treatment of farmed animals.

baby rabbit hands
Rabbit Advocates Celebrate “Easter Bunnies” Year ‘Round

Most families abandon their “Easter rabbits” in less than a year, overburdening shelters with new arrivals following the holiday season. Animal advocates recommend Easter celebrations that are cruelty-free.

chicken hen rescue
VIDEO: Berkeley Resident Opens Backyard to Rescued Chickens

Chickens are social animals–until we take their freedom away. They form groups, make friends, and help each other grow. Meet Hens of the Hills microsanctuary founder, Deirdre Duhan, and see what happens when this group of rescued hens get back their right to live.

dog person stress
Smells Like Trouble: Do Pets Feel Our Stress?

Studies suggest that dogs—and perhaps other companion animals—take on human emotions as their own. The connection implies that human self-care and companion animals’ health are closely intertwined.

shark sentient animal
Friend in Sea: Port Jackson Sharks are Smarter Than You Think

Sharks are magnificent creatures. But due to the animal’s menacing depiction in movies and on the news, most humans overlook their complex nature.

One Woman’s Inspiring Post on Judging Less and Supporting More

It’s very easy to judge others. This is especially true when we lack context and information. But does being judgmental help the animals?

The Narrative That Animal Rights Activism Is Extremism Must Stop

The animal rights activist community has had a difficult past with the authorities, but this recent document sends a very damaging message.

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2019 Year in Review: Informing, Inspiring, and Empowering the Farmed Animal Movement

As we say goodbye to 2019, we’d like to share our successes and thank you for your continued support on our mission to increase the public awareness around farmed animal issues.

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Why Go Vegan in 2020

The farmed animal protection movement could define the 2020s. This is your chance to stand against animal cruelty and environmental destruction by choosing to eat only plants.