commericial fishing boat
Commercial Fishing: How Global Food Choices Negatively Impact the Oceans

Commercial fishing practices are detrimental to marine life and the oceans. More than a trillion sentient beings, many caught by accident, die every year due to the global demand for seafood.

plant-based proteins
Plant-Based Proteins You Should Eat on a Regular Basis

Contrary to popular belief, a plant-based diet doesn’t need to lack protein. In fact, plant-based proteins are widely available and can be a cheaper and healthier alternative to animal proteins.

Plant-Based Meats Are Better for Your Health and the Environment

Plant-based meats are great for the animals. But did you know that they are also better for your health and the environment?

animal welfare
Animal Welfare: Why Incremental Improvements for Animals Are Necessary

Animal welfare issues touch on the wellbeing of non-human animals. These issues range from improving living conditions on farms to the treatment of animals in labs and beyond.

plant-based meat
What is Plant-Based Meat: A Look at the Future of Food

Plant-based meat is growing in popularity around the world. Could it reshape the future of food, helping both the climate and animals alike?

Animal Agriculture and Its Negative Impact on Climate Change

One of the most overlooked factors of accelerated climate change is animal agriculture. Could changes to the human diet help us slow down the climate crisis?

climate change cow
Climate Change: What Is It, Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Climate change is real and getting worse. There are many factors at play but one that goes largely unlooked is that of animal agriculture.

Intensive Agriculture: Impact on Humans, Animals, and the Planet

Intensive agriculture may be efficient, but it comes at great cost to humans, animals, and the environment. With a growing global population, it’s time to reflect on the current food system.

wet market meat
Wet Markets and the Risk of Transmitting Zoonotic Diseases

Wet markets can be places of profound animal suffering, out of which arise life-threatening diseases like the novel coronavirus. And they exist all over the world.

farmed animals chickens
Farmed Animals: The Exploitation of Animals on Factory Farms

Farmed animals represent an ever-growing number of animals that are raised, exploited, and slaughtered for fashion and food. These are animals who have few rights and zero freedom.