activist pig cage
Factory Farm Investigators Face Off With Unlikely Rival

Four activists obtained footage of alleged animal abuse at a hog farm in British Columbia. They reported it to local authorities, but now they’re facing off with an unlikely rival: the province’s foremost humane society.

dr milton mills
Dr. Milton Mills: On Being a Black, Vegan Doctor in Trump’s America

The star of the Netflix documentary, What the Health, speaks out about his experience advocating for truth and justice in all its forms. “Being a Black man in America prepared me for being vegan.”

factory farm investigator
I Went Undercover on a Factory Farm—This Is What I Learned

Scott David investigated three slaughterhouses during his time in the field—a chicken slaughterhouse, a pig processing plant, and the largest lamb slaughterhouse in the U.S. It never got any easier.

monkey zoo cage
Humans Aren’t the Only Species That Feels Lonely

Animals in farms, zoos, and aquariums are prevented from doing most of the things that are natural and instinctive to them, and suffer psychologically as a result.

horse close up
Taking on Canada’s Horse Meat Industry

Like the rest of animal agriculture, Canada’s horse meat industry thrives in secrecy. Advocates are working tirelessly to shut it down.

slaughterhouse worker USDA
COVID-19 Exacerbating Systemic Racism and Abuse in Animal Agriculture

Big Ag has historically endangered the most marginalized individuals in its quest for profit. During the pandemic, slaughterhouse workers and farmed animals have often been the first to suffer.

black protester dog
Why Are Black Protestors Being Accused of Abusing Animals?

On social media, people are using photos of animal abuse to delegitimize Black Lives Matter protests. But the credibility of these claims is questionable at best.

black power drumstick
Let’s Talk About KFC’s ‘Black Power’ Drumstick

Why is it bad optics? Because the association of Black people and fried chicken is a pernicious racial stereotype that asserts itself over and over again.

I Was a Journalist Who Reported on Captive Animals—Then I Became One

Christina M. Russo reflects on her newfound connection with captive animals. After being damaged during surgery, she understands their plight even more.

Why Underground Dog Fighting Needs to End

Despite being classified as a felony in every U.S. state, dog fighting takes place in many parts of the country. Dogs are forced to fight each other almost daily, and many don’t make it out alive.