Writers’ Fellowship Program

Sentient Media is a nonprofit journalism organization that seeks to create transparency around the roles of animals in our daily lives—from food to companionship to laboratory test subjects.


We believe in delivering the facts, commentaries, and analyses that often get ignored by traditional media. The goal of the Writers’ Fellowship Program is to support emerging writers as they strive to get their stories reported in a wide variety of publications. Together with our Fellows, we advance the conversation about animals and encourage humans from all walks of life to start considering their relationships with animals.


Our Writers’ Fellowship Program brings together mentors, editors, and strategists to help budding writers build better stories that get published.

We offer opportunities to meaningfully connect with other Fellows, a formalized writing process to guide your writing effort from pitch to publication, one-to-one editorial guidance, priority access to our curated speaker series Sentient Sessions, a monetary stipend per article placed, access to a wealth of story ideas, and more.

Our Community

The Fellowship Program currently serves 90+ writers and mentors. Their stories can be seen in a variety of international outlets, including:

Our community of Fellows collectively offers comprehensive insight and expertise on all aspects of the roles of animals in our lives.

Publishers seeking commentary, reporting, or analysis should contact us at hello@sentientmedia.org.

Writing Fellows are expected to pitch and publish at least one story each month, under supervision from Sentient Media editors, mentors, and peer Fellows.

Sentient Media ensures publication of Fellows’ stories by selecting for publication on its platform all relevant pieces not accepted by other media outlets.

Get Involved

If you’d like to build your voice as a mainstream writer who advocates for social justice, then apply to the Writers’ Fellowship Program now:

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Fellowship Program mentors contribute story ideas, share relevant articles and news, and provide story-specific guidance to rising writers. Sentient Media offers mentors access to our extensive professional network and serves as a publishing platform. If you’re an experienced writer, reporter or animal advocate and would like to help shape the future of reporting on animals’ lives, then apply now to become a Fellowship Program mentor:

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